Saint George’s home for the elderly in Paphos, is an organization that cares and hosts elderly people for any period of time needed. The innovative and dynamic care model that we at Saint George’s follow takes into consideration, not only to ensure the quality of care but also to ensure the quality of life provided within our organization.

Our occupants have rights to:
• Nursing care of the highest standards
• Reliable and continuous medical observation
• High quality meals
• Being treated with the outmost respect
• Personal hygiene
• A clean living environment
• Politeness
• Security
• Free visitation rights throughout the entire, every day

The New Dynamic Care Model at Saint George’s home for the elderly
Satisfying the needs of our occupants for:
• Socializing
• Communicating
• Mental Empowering
• Time and space orientation
• Adjustment facilitation
• Re-training
• Expression control within any environment
• Expand and discharge
• Exercising
• Providing novel stimuli
We actively empower our occupants in a dynamic way. Our fully trained and sophisticated staff use a wide range of activities and other stimulants in an attempt to fiddle with time and space using all kinds of stimulants including things such as colors and music to name but a few.
We transform our area into a playground where any “weaknesses” due to illness or age do not deprive anyone from their given right of an active and fully fulfilling aging process. A place where forgetting, not remembering, not being able to handle things on your own or needing nursing care is not a bad thing.
At Saint George’s home for the elderly we combine a dynamic function model with a steady activities programme, thus offering a secure environment for our occupants and achieving the highest possible level of care and ensuring the outmost respect for all of our occupant’s dignity.
We pay the outmost attention to the personal hygiene of all of our occupants, the neatness of their respective rooms as well as the communal areas. Due to that reason all areas of Saint George’s home for the elderly are free of any kind of bad odors.
Our nursing staff is responsible for the personal hygiene of our occupants while our specially trained cleaning staff play a key role in maintaining all areas clean. The cleaning service of Saint George’s home for the elderly also cares for the laundering of all of our occupant’s clothes.
All of the above fall under our continuous effort here at Saint George’s house for the elderly to cover all of our occupants’ needs as well as their relatives thus offering them a better quality of living.


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