Name: Dr. Michael Lerios

Date of Birth: 21 December 1951

Nationality: Greek Cypriot

1963-1969: Full time secondary school student in Nicosia, Cyprus.

1970-1976: University of Athens Medical School. Attended the six year tuition program.
Graduated with a grade of ‘lian kalos’ (Very Good) in September 1976.

- 1988: Specialist in Gastroenterology
- 1993: Became Member of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP)

1. Live digestive Endoscopy meeting(European Postgraduate Gastro - Surgical
School Amsterdam (04 Sept 1998).

2. Advanced Stenting Workshop Nicosia General Hospital (April 1998)
(Prof A Adams)
I was in advisory Board and participated in the live demonstrations.

3. Single Topic workshop on GI Endoscopic Stricture management - Erasme
Hospital Brussels (06 June 2000).

4. Six weeks course on endoscopy at ERASME hospital Brussels under the supervision of Prof J Deviere (May-June 2000).

5. 1st Therapeutic Endoscopy Course LIVE DEMOSTRATION
(Prof J Deviere, Dr M Lerios)Nicosia -cyprus

6. ESO Course - Colorectal Cancer Nicosia, Cyprus (June1999).
Lecture “Treatment of Pre-cancerous conditions and endoscopic follow up (Dr M Lerios).

7. 1st International seminar in Hepatology, Athens, Greece. (Oct 1999).

8. 2nd International Update & Postgraduate seminar in Gastroenterology.

9. Postgraduate course in therapeutic endoscopy ESGE. (30 Nov 2000).

10. Gastroenterology and Endotherapy European Workshop June 2007 Brussels
11. 8th International Workshop on therapeutic endoscopy,( CAIRO)

Responsible for and attended weekly teaching meetings held at the Nicosia and Limassol General Hospitals for junior medical staff. Subjects included BLS, Management of common medical emergencies, gastroenterology subjects including endoscopy demonstrations and patient case presentations.