Lab. Manager: Sylvie Revol Buisson Machides


A laboratory (informally, lab) is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments, and measurement may be performed.

Clinical Offerings

Our Laboratory is based at our Blue Cross Medical Centre and it is covering analysis in:

  1. Haematology
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Immunology
  4. Microbiology
  5. Hormones and Tumour markers
  6. Blood Gasses with portable system for emergency.

The laboratory is fully automatic, and equipped with the latest technology.
The Blue Cross Medical Laboratory is licensed as a medical clinical laboratory by the Cypriot Government, Law No N132/88

ΠΙΣΤΟΠΟΙΗΤΙΚΟ ΕΓΓΡΑΦΗΣ ΚΛΙΝΙΚΟΥ ΕΡΓΑΣΤΗΡΙΟΥ (haematology, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology)

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